Corporate (#1)


Management Team

Doug Rogers

Chief Technical Officer

Doug is the CTO of Club Cornerstone. He has prior experience with startups and has a strong technical background.

Doug earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Biochemistry from Ohio State University. He is very driven with a keen ability to quickly assess problems and implement solutions. Doug, worked as COO for SolarWinds for 8 years, assisted in the architecture and design of many network management applications. He managed the company's operational growth from $470,000 to over $30 million in 6 years while increasing the EBITDA to over 80%.

Prior to Solarwinds, Doug worked for Walmart for 13 years, first as Telecommunications Manager then Director of several divisions. He was responsible for installation and operation of the world’s largest VSAT network, supplying voice, data, and video communications to all stores and distribution centers. Then, as Director of Software Development, he managed the “Point of Sale” team responsible for the processing of all credit card and register transactions. As Director of M&A, Doug managed Walmart’s International Mergers and Acquisitions. Deals varied in size from $100 million to $11.7 billion. He was responsible for not only the market and business assessment, but also the financial valuation. Doug's final project at Walmart was as Project Director overseeing the design, development and launch of